Age 6

This age Group currently play with Gr1 & 2.

What does it Cost?
Fee is R80 per Session (Pay as you go).

Where does this age Group play?
At all Gr1 & 2 Venues.

What day & time does this age Group play?

This age currently play with GR 1&2.

What must I bring?
Football boots/hockey boots or plain running shoe
Some H2O....             (WATER MOM!!)

Will I become Lionel Messi through this Program?
Who knows...
BUT you will have Crazy fun, fall over your Own feet, sweat like a Sumo Wrestler & celebrate a goal like a Play Station character  !

What does their session entail?

Their 60min are divided into 3 x 20min sessions...

20min - eye & foot coordinated exercises

20min - runs, drills & skills

20min - divide into teams & play