This is 6 a Side & Specialize in skills development.
We are Different in a few ways:
* In the scale we play

* What we aim to develop

* The philosophy we follow

* Our Fee Structure

We play all year round starting at age 5 - Adult.
The focus here is personal development, therefore the groups are separated based on similar levels of their skill development. The ages are grouped as follow:

Gr 1 - 3          09h00-10h30

Gr 4 - 7          10h30-12h00

Gr 8 - 12        12h00-13h30

For the last 8 years we have been playing at Monument Park Primary on Saturdays. Now we are Searching for a new venue.

View the Age Group tab in the Menu bar for a detailed layout of how long their Football sessions are, what they entail & fees.