We all have a philosophy about different areas of life...& as we get older they either get old with us or adapt with greater wisdom. Philosophies are mostly "one liners" that always require elaboration. The 1 thing that gives the rest of the ideas in our life meaning is always BIG but simple
& so @ Crazy Feet Football Club the idea is BIG:

Learning is FUN & Learning is MY Responsibility
...in simple terms, to our kids this means:
give me the space to discover what I can do
let me develop my skills at my own pace & desire
learning a skill in something gives me confidence in myself
with Confidence I can present myself to the world.


Sport teach us in a FUN way that we are responsible for ourselves first. Then I have a responsibility toward those that rely on me doing my part. Here is where Competition & Pressure to perform is born. @ Crazy Feet Football Club we strive to keep the latter off the field. Why...?

Because our EVERYDAY life is flooded with pressure & competition. It is as Omnipresent as the air we breathe. To some people it IS the air they breathe & don't know who they are without it.

At MY club there is no desire to measure you against someone else's greatness.
At MY club you are AWESOME regardless of your abilities.
At MY club you relax, you laugh & you love being healthy enough to run around & kick a ball.
At MY club you are, who YOU believe you are & you become the player YOU aspire to be through your own effort.

Football is a Game...
Games are Fun

Learning is FUN & Learning is MY Responsibility


By the way...when last did you put your philosophies into words?

viele bemalte bunte Kinderhände